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Terrific T-Dome Homes and AVSA

The Terrific T Dome Homes have arrived!

Dome homes and AVSA have combined to become an unbeatable combination, the ultimate survival home.  A safe, secure, weather proof T Dome home with AVSA that can be used as a recycling system that cleans up your trash, waste and grey water. Then AVSA produces nutrient rich vermicompost to help you to grow your own healthy fruits and veggies. PLUS you can make GOOD money selling your excess vermi compost. 

Can T Dome Homes and AVSA help you survive a local or national disaster?

  •  YES, they can, the dome homes are almost bullet proof as far as high winds, storms, earthquakes and 100% safer than the "BOX" homes most live in. 
  • AVSA can supply natural plant nutrients that will start plants faster, healthier and producing food for survival in a shorter amount of time, with less water.  Plus, if you really have to eat protein, earthworms are one of the highest sources, just clean them in corn meal for a day, they will clean themselves on the inside and out.  You can then add them to meals, eat alone or dry them for use later....
  • A total survival system = a secure, safe home that produces its own food, water and recycling system, when all else fails...

The T-Dome Home that can have it all, your survival can be built right in with:

  • A cistern system for clean, fresh, safe water. When the public water system fails or there is NOT any electricity to pump water, a simple hand pump, bucket and rope can make the difference between those that have water and those that don't.   This can be a big factor in your and your loved ones surviving.  When the public water systems shut down or become contaminated, where can you get safe, clean drinking water?  There will NOT be any at the stores!
  • A waste disposal system to keep you and your home free from disease, rodents, insects and marauding dog packs.  When the sanitation, waste removal, sewage systems are NOT working, where will all your waste/trash go?  Into a mound of garbage bags, that are tearing open, allowing pest in and contaminating your home? Your toilets won't flush remember! Its been almost a year since Katrina, there is still garbage, sewage and trash covering large areas of New Orleans and they have the rest of the nation/state/city working to work on it!
  • A built in hydroponics unit, that takes up very little space under existing windows, where fresh, clean healthy food can quickly be grown.  Use the vermicompost from AVSA as the nutrient supplements, BINGO instant fast food.  Sprouts in just a few days, lettuce, spinach in just a short time, larger plants in a month or so.  The point is you will be eating and growing more to eat each day, not waiting with empty stomachs while FEMA makes up its mind whether they should help or not! Check out surviving and beyond for info. on what and how to use what is in your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer.  You can even get your seeds to start new plants from your own frig, freezer and cupboards! NOT, just in an emergency buy any time you like what you are eating, save a few seeds and plant them.  My thinking on this is:  The commercial growers wanted the fastest growing, best color/flavor, so do I.  If they are hybrid, then oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, just a few free seed and a little time.
  • Build the attached Green T Dome to have solar heated water on demand. How will you heat water with the gas, electric off? Sure you can drag out the camping gear, but how long will that gas last, NO stores remember.  It can be a real pain trying to find something to burn just to heat water for showers, clothes, dishes, etc.. You need to use the burnable materials to use for cooking and survival necessities. Plus more plants, veggies in a controllable environment.  Being attached can also help to regulate the main dome temperature.
  • If you should ever be caught in a flood, with the upper loft having an outside exit to a deck that covers part of the Green T, you could safely exit there, toss a small self inflating raft into a cubby hole near by for emergency use.  If need be the dome is easy to climb up on, you would be about 30' above ground level. 

  With the unique, easy to follow steps, illustrations and cheap building materials, they are cheap build, by the average person, low cost construction techniques, that anyone can do.  T-Dome structures are for everyone, from low income to those that have more. 

Best of all you can build a T Dome any size you want, where ever you want.  If you can draw a round circle and read a tape measure, you can build this Fantastic, unique structure. All the framework is made of re bar in small, easy to handle pieces, all the same.  Make one, make them all. The outer shell is concrete or like material, you decide, its your T-Dome Home!

Find out more click here.

 AVSA is a revolutionary new growing, separating system, that easily separates the Red Wigglers from their castings or vermicompost, egg capsules and young. Earthworms improve our environment and can produce a fantastic income as well. Great for small business owners, back yard hobbyists, gardeners, as well as large commercial operations.

When AVSA teamed up with the Fantastic Ts (T-Dome home and Green T) a total re cycling, gardening and growing environment  evolved, working beautifully and efficiently together. See more links on right menu bar

Free Vermicompost Lessons on line, NO COST or obligation. Recycle your everyday trash into cold, hard cash. Learn HOW To set up your first earthworm kit, bin, bed. Get kit, materials from a local store CHEAP. Terrific home business money generator FREE

How can Terrific Ts and AVSA help you to survive? Build a home that is safe from storms and produce your own nutrient rich veggies, fruits from vermicompost....

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