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Dome Homes made of concrete.

When I first heard of these remarkable structures, I was a little hesitant, to say the least, who including me, wanted to live in a "cement igloo"?   It was similar to a geodesic dome, but without the flat spots.

How things have changed since that first 20' diameter dome home 8 years ago.  The fascination has only grown as one disaster after another has left so many people homeless.  A question I seem to continually ask myself is: If they had lived in one of these concrete dome homes, how many would still be there, with only a little cleaning to do?  A rough estimate would be 99%.  If any type of building construction can survive the wind, rain and flying debris, these can.

We set out to supply a simple, fast, cheap means of supplying everyone that so desperately needs safe, secure, affordable housing and who could with a little effort on their part and a minimum of money have a home, a dome home that would survive the weather, then help keep them surviving with built in waste removal/recycling, cistern system, alternate power/water heating, etc.. even feed them.. we have accomplished that goal with our New, unique T Dome homes.

How and Where I found my first Dome Home.

When I left No. Calif. and moved to Southwest Texas, you know down here where the rattlesnakes roam and scorpions are individually named, where the temperature can go from 110 degrees down to 40 degrees all within the same day! Where "thunderstorms" rattle the windows and have mini-tornados in abundance, with gully washers that make Niagara Falls sound like a gentle shower! Anyway Way down here near the Big Bend.

When I saw my first "dome home" I immediately saw how practical and even necessary it was for this climate and high desert environment. I bought one!

It was small compared to some that the builder is now doing, but I grew to love it quickly. Especially when the thunderstorms with high winds come crashing through. Unless we look out the window we don't even know that they have arrived!

When the temperature gets way up there, what a cool change, to walk into the dome and feel the constant cool, a ceiling fan is all we ever use, just to move the air around. A light bulb will heat it when the weather gets cold... LOW electric bills...

I've seen several different types of dome homes since, but they are usually built of other materials instead of concrete. They would NOT withstand the extremes out here.

My friend that builds them, tells me that the size we have (20' diameter) only costs about $2,000.00 to build. He can put them up pretty fast now.

Considering that he is in his early 70's. HUM must have something to do with the air out here..


When we started on the manual for just a simple, dome home, it expanded into a fantastic project.  Everything fell into place to offer a complete T-Dome Home, that was cheap, fast and easy to build and had all the extras that would turn it from "just a house into a well operating HOME.  Find out more here

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  T-Dome Homes Basic Manual

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