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Survival priorities list

When the time comes (and it will) that a survival priorities plan is necessary.  Your having a top level plan with  contingency back up plans is best.  If your top level plan is to stay within your home and it gets blown down, what then?


Top level survival plan and preparedness considerations.

Will you be planning to survive alone?  With your friends and family? In a neighborhood group? 

Making plans and arrangements now can save a lot of headaches later.  If you are choosing to survive with others, look for the survivor types or your chances will decrease fast.   Play the home survival game for a few days, you will know after playing it, who you want to be with!  And who you don't.

Decide NOW who you want to survive with, the following types of persons might be best avoided.   If they must be included make sure YOU know what to expect and from whom.   If you know someone to be a thief or liar get padlocks and lockable storage containers, if they will steal in a NON emergency situation, they will steal MORE during one!

Liars you can never get the truth out of, if you ask if they closed the food containers to keep rodents out and they say "Yes" when they didn't, unless you check everything they say they do, you can lose or contaminate your water, food, survival resources.  Also try to avoid the following types of persons, they may be okay now, but they can greatly reduce your chances of survival.


Someone that lays around moaning and groaning about a broken fingernail, dirty hair, clothes, etc., can bring the groups tone way down fast.   Suggest to them that they go to a public shelter where those conveniences are more likely to be restored faster!


Avoid freeloaders that will only take what you have then go on to live off someone else, leaving you without.  Make them pay by doing their share, contributing their share or kick them out and keep them out.  This is about YOUR survival and your loved ones. 


Persons that are lazy, slug bug types, liars and thieves, they will lay around not doing their share, eat up all of their rations, plus beg or steal everyone else's.  Send them packing, making sure that all of your water, food and survival necessities don't go with them. 


Quitters will only bring you down, they will constantly tax your patience and energy, both mentally and physically.  Send them with the others to the public shelters, you only want motivated, self survival types around you, don't let the others pull you down or no ONE will survive.  A poor man only keeps other poor men, poor.


Addicts can pose multiple problems, such as withdrawal and severe reactions to not having drugs, trying to get their drug of choice by stealing from you in order to trade for drugs, the emotional, physical roller coasters they will be on for days or even weeks.  These people are NOT within their own mind and can drive you out of yours!  Avoid them at all cost, they can be dangerous as well as very sick. 


KEEPERS, the people you want with you are:  self reliant, motivated to survive as part of the group, are willing to do their share, have educated themselves on survival tactics, or learn quickly.  They should have something to offer in the way of food, water, tools, know how.  They should be willing to share with others that will likewise share with them, not self sacrificing, but sharing.


When disaster strikes.


Immediately turn off gas at main valve, if the disaster was earth shaking or caused damage to houses in area. 


Turn off electricity if there is a chance that it might start a fire, lines down etc..


Turn off water at main valve, you want to save any good water that might be within your home without it draining back out or becoming contaminated by broken water lines.


You can always turn these back on when any danger has passed and you know its safe and that they are working properly. 

Evaluate the situation and your options.

  1. Rescue, administer medical first aid to injured persons in your immediate area.

  2. Determine extent of disaster, is it local? National? World Wide?
  3. Determine likely outcome of public resources, power out for a few days? Utilities out for a week or two?  Utilities out for extended period of time?
  4. Determine "survival zone" and what resources are in it.  Will you remain within your home? Pitch a tent in the front yard? Go to a neighbors that might be in better shape?  Go to a public shelter?  Or evacuate the area totally?
  5. Secure your drinking water supply, turn off inlet and outlet valve on hot water heater, turn off heat source.  Don't let anyone flush the toilet, this is water that can be used for something else.
  6. Who is within your survival zone, who will stay and who must go.  The quicker the better, send them packing, unless you planned for them being there, they should have plans of their own.
  7. Make a list of all of your resources.  How much water do you have, can you get more?  How much food?  How long must it last and for how many?  Try to use food that is most likely to spoil first, save the cans, packages until last.
  8. Plant some fast growing seeds, radishes grow fast, the leaves are packed with vitamins and they are real good cooked or raw.  Set up your survival food growing kit now.
  9. If drinking water is an issue, set up a water catchments system. 
  10. If rain water has been contaminated, set up a filtration system.

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